The Phantom of BaBa | New Sets, New Items, New Dissolves & QoL!

New Phantom Ba-Ba Boss

This new boss features three different mechanics for its three different attack styles.

This boss also has a chance to knock-off your infinite overload effect.

He is one of the strongest bosses to ever be introduced to the server, with a staggering 75K HP.

During his ranged attack, he will hurl a rock tword the player.

During his melee attack he will let out a large growl.

During the magic attack he will jump.

BaBa Point Shop

Every kill of the Phantom Ba-Ba will grant you 1x BaBa Points.

You can spend these points in the BaBa Point Shop on the brand new gear we have released in this update!

Starlight Armor Set

The new Starlight Armor Set is the BEST IN SLOT Melee Set!

This set is dropped from the new Phantom Ba-Ba Boss!

Reverie Armor Set

The new Reverie Armor Set is the BEST IN SLOT Magic Set

This set is dropped from the new Phantom Ba-Ba Boss!

New Upgrades Added

We have added several new upgrades to the Nomad Upgrading System!

We will be adding new upgrades every update!

New Nomad Dissolves

We have added several new Nomad Dissolves as well!

Every update will include new items being added to the Nomad Dissolve Table!

New BIS Shop (P2W Change)

In an effort to work with our community and create a better economic structure around our server, we have created a new box opening method to give both our supporters clear value when donating & giving our economy the balance it needs.

The new boxes, Epic Boxes, do not contain the two new Best In Slot Sets. Instead, they contain a BIS Goodiebag. Within this BIS Goodiebag, are the two new armor sets released in this update but they are a 1/10 chance to pull from the goodiebag. However, every time a BIG Goodiebag is opened, the opener gains 1x BIS Point. These BIS points can be spent in the newly made BIS shop (::bis) on items directly instead of at random from the goodiebag itself.

This will create a fall-back for our larger supporters and grant economic balance when it comes to the P2W side of our server.

We hope this compromise clearly communicates our dedication to the feedback we receive from the community.

Misc Updates

– T10 emblem has been moved over to the upgrade table.
– Fixed a backend timing issue.
– Change a bunch item definitions so they are more accurate.
– Updated the back end to make gameplay more smoother and stable.
– Made more adjustments to the per perk system to fix the resetting issue.
– Runelite’s experience tracker will now track demon hunter XP
– An issue when attempting to draw specific rank sprites has been fixed
– An issue when loading maps you’ve never been too before is now fixed.
– Mithril seeds now work as intended outside fp zone(was caught by player clipping before)
– SMS verification interface has been reskinned
– In some scenario’s, the upgrade interface would display percentages over 100%, this has been fixed.
– An issue relating to mutant tarn not being attackable has been fixed
– An issue with all the combat type max hits being miscalculated has been fixed
– All “Man” NPC’s now have their dialogues
– Forester now has their dialogues(can be found at woodcutting guild)
– New plugin system allowing any content written on it to be refreshed/hot fixed live
– Magic box now has an open all option
– Vesta’s longsword is now visable and equipable
– Loading #223 cache