CustomX ~ The Ultimate Starter Guide

CustomX Starter Guide

Welcome to all new & familiar faces. Glad to have you back on CustomX! By popular demand, we are introducing the starter guide.

CustomX is a server that mainly focuses on progressing gameplay through Slayer and raiding instead of regular pvming.

First things first, as soon as you’re new you’ll want to be utilizing our referral commands for some neat goodies in-game. These commands are the following ones;
::Reflist (make sure to click all of the buttons!) <– This will give you a plethora of free boxes, keys and even a T6 weapon to start out with! (make sure to use those keys over at ::chests)
::Freedonator <– This will give you a free $100 rank!
::Freesp <– This will give you a free silver season pass.
::Collectors <– This will give you a collector perk that upon activation, will collect all items to your inventory or bank (toggleable)

Good! You should now be all set up for a great start at CustomX. There are a few more things that I’d like to go over with you guys before explaining on how to start.

I suggest you utilize the following things as well for freebies and a smoother progression through the content of CustomX.
1. Vote! Voting for CustomX will give you free boxes and even a chance of $10 store boxes, and a free $50 bond! And on top of that, you will also get extra free items that will help you greatly through your Vote streak rewards interface, and you will get 1 lottery entry per vote that will give you a chance to win $250 store credit weekly.

2. Collection logs. They are a nice way to climb up the ranks F2P as every completed log will grant you $40 in bonds!

3. Progression. The Progression interface will basically guide you towards the game step by step as well with its tasks, and will give you freebies for it along the way!

4. Achievements. You simply get freebies through achievements for playing the game! Make sure to claim these every now and then.

There are more buttons to utilize in the quest tab. Make sure to check them out!

Now that you’ve checked that out, we’ll be going over on how to start CustomX.

As soon as you start the game, you will be granted a starter pack with some gear to use, and 2 noticeable items.

The two items on the bottom will be needed. On the bottom right are ‘Instance tickets’. These tickets are needed in order to create instances for your slayer tasks. If you click on them, you will see the instance manager where you can either pay these tickets to spawn a 2×2, 4×4 or 6×6 grid of npcs. Each at their own cost. You will be using this for your slayer tasks, and these personal instances are also multi zones, which means that AoE works there.

On your bottom left is a 3×3 AoE orb that will give you a 3×3 AoE radius in multi combat zones. You’re able to upgrade this orb to a bigger radius through the evolve skill interface in your skill tab, or if you type ctrl+e. This interface will be used thoroughly by you during your gameplay to upgrade to better tiers of gear and accessories.

Now that you’ve geared up, it’s time to get your first slayer task! And the great part is that you don’t have to visit your slayer master each time to grab a new task. If you go to your quest point tab, you will see a slayer skull. If you click that, you will be able to get a new task there each time, and you can easily instance a task from that interface. The jungle slayer master is the starter master.

Now that we’ve grabbed a task, we’ll go ahead and click the instance button, and use those free jungle instance tickets to spawn a grid of 6×6 Baby Dinos so we can finish our slayer task! After that, it’s pretty much rinse & repeat until you have enough cash to move on to the next slayer master.

As soon as you’ve gathered enough coins you will be able to unlock a new ‘portal’ that grants you access to new npcs and a new slayer master. There is no slayer level requirement to unlock these portals. As soon as you’ve gathered enough coins/materials you will be able to unlock them, and you will be able to instance their npcs right away. Each portal unlocks a new set of npcs that require their own type of instance ticket. You can get these instance tickets through the evolve skill, or when opening keys/caskets.

When you’ve unlocked doomslayer, you will be well on your way to prestiging your slayer skill for the first time after a fair amount of tasks. This is done automatically when you reach level 120 slayer. Certain prestige tiers unlock new content. You can find this over at the ::prestige interface.

When you reach tier 1 prestige, you will unlock infinite prayer, and you will also unlock a new minigame called ‘Character cup!’ This minigame is a nice change of pace if you want to do something else other than slayer for a bit.

The character cup minigame is a minigame where you defeat npcs and gather their dust. These npcs can also drop their corresponding gear. This gear is cosmetic and will give a damage boost when equipped in the cosmetic slot. You will need to gather 200 of each character’s dust in order to sacrifice it at the ‘cup’ in the center of the area. When sacrificing this dust to the cup, you will also be able to get materials, and you can even get pieces of the sought after infinity cosmetic set! When a total of 25K dust has been sacrificed, a global boss called Thanos will be spawned. This boss also gives nice loot, and he also has a chance of giving infinity gear!

Your next unlock when prestiging will be the Oblivion Raid. This raid requires 3 slayer prestiges and the doomslayer portal unlocked in order to unlock it, and is also a crucial part of your gameplay. This raid is needed in order to unlock the gilded portal. The raid itself is pretty explanatory and this raid shows prompts for what to do next. The main goal of this raid is getting oblivion keys that give you Oblivion shards. You need 500K Oblivion shards in order to unlock the gilded portal! This raid can be done solo, or with a group of friends. (Make sure to bring a weapon of each combat style though if you’re soloing!)

And that’s pretty much it for the main gameplay of CustomX! There are also a few other things that you should do;

You will also gather summer coins when playing. (mainly from defeating global bosses, or defeating the summer npcs scattered over various cities). These summer coins can be spent on the summer chest southwest of home. Each tier requires a certain number of summer coins to roll. As soon as you’ve reached the threshold, you will go to the next tier that has better rewards. This new tier will cost more tokens.


And lastly, it’s also important that you do the Perk Paradise minigame, in order to unlock great perks that help your gameplay tremendously.

The perk paradise minigame costs tokens to get in. These tokens can be bought off the perk professional at the entrance, and will deplete over time as you stay in the area. As soon as you go inside, there are various things to do. You will need the following materials in order to make an inscribed perk;
2,500 rocks from mining
500 ink from fishing
500 sticks from cutting trees
and a blank tablet that you can get from killing monks.

As soon as you get all these materials, head over to the anvil inside the area and click it, you will get an inscribed perk. Teleport back to the perk professional, and right click him to transcribe your perk. A random perk will be given! You can check which perks you’ve claimed through ::perks.

That’s pretty much everything that you need to know! Good luck!